Don't worry, everyone is welcome here. 

In The Episcopal Church nationally, and in the Episcopal Church in North Texas, LGBTQ people are fully included in all leadership positions in the church, as ordained deacons, priests, bishops, and in lay leadership positions.

The sacrament of marriage is available to you just as it is to anyone else.  When we baptise you, we seal you as Christ’s own forever with a sign of the cross on your forehead.

That’s a cross, not an asterisk. As Bishop Barbara Harris famously said, “There are no half-assed baptisms.”

Texas leads the nation in the killing of transgender people, a heartbreaking reality that all of us are called to address by virtue of our shared humanity and, as Christians, our baptismal vow to respect the dignity of every human being. Here are some resources for trans folk from TransEpiscopal, and locally, here is information about a local Transgender Support Group at one of our Episcopal congregations. And here are many resources from The Episcopal Church, including liturgical resources that include a service of renaming.

God loves you, in all your authentic being.